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For wireless plan bellow 4Mbps
CPE Cost: 4,100/-
Cable: 20/Mtr

For wireless plan above 4Mbps
CPE Cost: 7,500/-
Cable: 20/Mtr

CPE Cost: 2,500/-
Installation: 1,000/-
OFC Cable upto 100Mtr free with setup
Extra Cable: 8/Mtr

For wireless connection we will get you online within 48 Hours of receiving documents.
For FTTH the timeline will be 7 Days

For Priority Delivery customer will be charged Rs 500 Extra

In Broadband the sharing ratio as per TRAI is 1:50 but we tray our best to maintain it to 1:8
normally customer will get 80-100% of the plan speed however we can not guarantee the speed in peak hour.

To change your plan you must mail us scan copy of the plan change form (Available in download section)
Pay add sufficient balance to your account before sending us the form to insure plan change will not be held due to low balance
your plan will be changed on date requested in the form.

We have noticed some customers call us to change the plan and after it’s done they again argue us that we have not requested to do so.
that is why as per company policy we need to have proof.

Domestic Broadband
As the name suggests Domestic connection is for those applications where bit slowness in peak hours will not cause financial losses. that is why domestic broadband does not have any commitment of minimum speed to the websites with whom we are not directly connected.
Typical sharing ratio is 1:16
Upload speed is less as domestic connection are intended for entertainment purpose and occasional other works.
Static IP is not allowed on this plan.

Commercial broadband
Where as Commercial broadband ensures a minimum usable speed to all websites (as long as the Website server is not overloaded).
typical sharing ratio is 1:8
Upload speed is upto half of the download speed.
Static ip is allowed as an Addon at applicable charges.

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