domestic vs business broadband

Domestic VS Business Broadband
Still wondering what is the difference and which one is better for you??

Reliability is a major factor in business broadband which saves time of your hard-working manpower and increases chances of higher success rate.

bellow are a few key difference between Domestic and Business Broadband which will help you choose the plan that is best suited for you.

Service Guarantee

Business broadband normally comes with a better service guarantee and money back policy so that if your query is not resolved in specified time your charges for the period will be waived off.

while domestic broadband does not come with any kind of refund or service guarantee.

check for details.

Speed Guarantee

Business broadband comes with backup paths and lower sharing ratio (1:10) as compared to Domestic (1:25) Broadband this means business broadband will not slow down significantly during peak hours and in the event of failure of an Intermediate node business broadband will get a backup path so that subscribers can enjoy the service.

Traffic Priority

Business Broadband traffic have an higher priority than domestic so during peak hours one domestic user and one business user is trying to access the internet priority is given to Business broadband.

Better Support

Business broadband complaints have a higher priority than Domestic broadband so when ever a complaint comes from a business customer its given the higher preference than Domestic one.

Better Security

Business broadband customers enjoy traffic filtered by our Carrier grade firewall protecting their network while for domestic broadband same is not there.

you all might be thinking now its all ok but why do we provide home broadband at cheaper price and Business broadband at costly price??

our network maintenance cost and the cost to get Internet at our end is same for both the cases only difference is market demand home users do not will to spend more on Internet and mostly home users do use the connection for entertainment purpose during off business hours like (7pm to 9am). this is the time when most of the Business broadband users stop using the connection.

ISP normally sell domestic broadband connection targeting uses during this timeslot.

also most of the Domestic users normally use Youtube, Netflix, Facebook, Hotstar, Amazon Prime etc that are local to the ISP means a much lower cost.

this is the reason why Domestic broadband is cheaper than Business broadband.