Complaint Resolution Process

Our Network is designed to minimize the downtime. Still every network has some unexpected problems that no one can predict. Here at Go WiFi we are committed to resolve those problems as soon as possible. for this we have different level of support for different category of customer. kindly go through the process bellow to lodge a complaint and get it resolved.

First Level

Call to Office number 8270060400 (From customers registered mobile number), via our selfcare portal OR using Android App.

Kindly call to this number form your registered mobile number (RMN) to get fast response and to lodge a complaint directly using IVR / Lodge an FT using our Android APP “Search for Go WiFi Selfcare on google play store”.

NOTE: you will get Instant FT number and all further updates will be provided by SMS only do not force customer care staff to check any details on call (they do not have access for the same).

Complaints at this level may take up to 24 hours to resolve depending on nature of complaints for details please visit ETR for complaints section.

Second Level

Mail to for further updates.

Depending upon the customer type like Leased Line / Domestic Broadband/ Commercial Broadband customer can escalate to this support level for details check details bellow. Kindly mail to this email id along with the FT number that you get in First level in subject line. Mails without the FT number will not be answered.

Domestic Broadband: 24 Working Hours.

Commercial Broadband: 12 Working Hours

Leased Line: 4 Hours

Third Level

Whatsapp to 8270060400.

This is our Business whats app and customer can escalate problem here if not happy with the above 2 levels. Reply to customer using this channel will be given as per the time line bellow.

Domestic Broadband: 48 Working Hours.

Commercial Broadband: 24 Working Hours

Leased Line: 8 Hours


if your complaint is not resolved in the third level withing 1 Day your charges will be refunded for the month.